If so, Mr. Ed* might not be the only one who’s long in the tooth.

If you’re ever at a party and get a bunch of blank stares when you reference such shows as Gilligan’s Island, My Three Sons, or even Happy Days, you know you’re getting a bit long in the tooth.


In fact, if you’re old enough to remember where the term “jump the shark” came from—and, more importantly, remember watching the original episode (instead of reruns on YouTube)—you are really dating yourself.


If, however, you want to make yourself feel really old, try asking your fellow party-goers if they know who Mr. Magoo is.


Then, assuming one or two might actually remember Mr. Magoo, ask them if they remember Mr. Magoo’s first name.


[Here’s the answer, by the way.

Good luck!

[* Oh. If your fellow partiers don’t know who Mr. Ed is either, you might as well just leave the party, go home, and make your arrangements. You’e ready for the glue factory.]

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