Antifa Terrorists Clash With ‘Proud Boys,’ People Beaten In Portland

In Portland, another protest/counter-protest turned violent as groups clashed in the streets and people were beaten on Saturday.

Clearly, this seemed like it would be the inevitable result beforehand:

Online postings indicate two right-wing demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday: one involving the Proud Boys, a fraternal organization known for street fighting, and another organized by conservative activist Haley Adams and the “HimToo Movement.” Counterprotesters, including supporters of Rose City Antifa, are planning to gather in opposition.

As expected, violence ensued, with Andy Ngo–the editor of Quillette–being beaten in the streets by Antifa terrorists and pummeled with quick-dry cement-filled “milkshakes.”

Three of the terrorists arrested have been named, according to Fox News:

Those arrested were identified as Gage Halupowski, 23, who was charged with multiple counts of assault, including on a public safety officer; James K. Stocks, 21, who was charged with harassment; and Maria C. Dehart, 23, who was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

According to the Portland PD, two officers sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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Antifa are a group of basement dwelling drug fuelled misfits paid by the alt left Soros organization to cause terror and intimidate pro conservative voters. If they will not arrest Soros and stop this evil then WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO DO IT OURSELVES. Destroy them all. Arm yourselves if you go to any rallies if not you’ll be swarmed by these little demons Posted @withrepost • @gypsy_crusader88 All Patriots need to come together and descend on Portland beat the shit out of every single antifa member "More video from Portland. Law enforcement and local politicians have let this get out of control." – @raheemkassam Twitter #portland #proudboys #patriotprayer #patriotprayerportland #owenshroyer #DonaldTrump #PresidentTrump #ezralevant #rebelmedia #aviyemini #raheemkassam #msm #mainstreammedia #NigelFarage #thebrexitparty #bbcnews #itvnews #skynews #channel4news #tommyrobinson #sargonofakkad #carlbenjamin #alexjones #infowars #pauljosephwatson #britainfirst.

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Oregon Live has more photos of the violent clashes here.


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