Gallup: Vast Majority of Democrats Not ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be American

Since 9/11, Democrats have always been less proud to be Americans than Republicans. But, is that really shocking?

A full 78 percent of Democrats polled do not view themselves as ‘extremely proud’ to be Americans, according to a new poll released by the Gallup Organization.

Overall, fewer than half of all Americans (45%) say they are extremely proud to be American.

Although, according to the Gallup chart below, Democrats’ extreme pride in being American has been above 60 percent a few times, it has been falling below 50 percent since before Barack Obama left office.

Among the different demographics, more men (48%) than women (43%) have extreme pride in the U.S., while seniors (aged 65+) are either extremely or very proud to be Americans (at 85%, overall), compared to only 50% of younger Americans (ages 18-29).

In addition, in what appears to be a rebuke to the GOP-led “Never Trump” movement, despite their personal feelings, Republicans who identify as ‘extremely proud’ to be an American has only risen since Trump took office.

Conversely (and expectedly), Democrat sentiment has plummeted.

Unfortunately, according to Gallup, “absent a significant national event that might rally all Americans around the flag, given Democrats’ entrenched views of the president, these historically low readings on American pride are likely to continue until Trump is no longer in office.”

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