A Starbucks Store Kicked Police Officers Out, Forcing A Formal Apology From The Coffee Giant

Starbucks has issued a formal apology after a barista asked six police officers to leave their store when a customer complained.

Coffee giant Starbucks has been forced to apologize after it faced a PR backlash when a union representing police officers in Tempe, Arizona tweeted out the six of its officers were asked by a barista to leave a Starbucks store on the 4th of July because one its customers “did not feel safe.”

The public outcry against Starbucks caused Rossann Williams, executive vice president, president U.S. Retail to issue an apology to the Tempe Police Department on its website, reading (in part):

On behalf of Starbucks, I want to sincerely apologize to you all for the experience that six of your officers had in our store on July 4.

When those officers entered the store and a customer raised a concern over their presence, they should have been welcomed and treated with dignity and the utmost respect by our partners (employees). Instead, they were made to feel unwelcome and disrespected, which is completely unacceptable.

At Starbucks, we have deep appreciation for your department and the officers who serve the Tempe community. Our partners rely on your service and welcome your presence, which keeps our stores and the community a safe and welcoming place.


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