WATCH: Trump Tries To Help Rapper A$AP Rocky Who Was Jailed After Beatdown Of Afghan Punks in Sweden

After languishing in a Stockholm jail cell for more than two weeks without being formally charged for giving a pair of reportedly Afghan-immigrant harassers a beatdown, rapper A$AP Rocky has some powerful friends trying to help him get free.

On Friday, President Trump called and offered the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, to personally pay the bail of jailed rapper A$AP Rocky, following appeals by First Lady Melania Trump, as well as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and others.

On July 3, A$AP Rocky and his crew were thrown in a Stockholm jail after a street fight that occurred on June 30th with a pair of men who had been following and, seemingly, harassing the Americans.

Several forums and social media posts describe the individuals confronting Rocky’s crew to be immigrants from Afghanistan.

As you can see by the video below, it appears A$AP Rocky—whose real name is Rakim Mayers—and his friends were trying their to avoid the altercation…even to the point of A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard taking a punch by one of them.

However, according to at least one report, the two provocateurs may have been physically assaulting women.

Toward the end of this video, right before the fight went down, a woman is heard to say “he slapped my ass and my girlfriend’s ass.”

That’s about when A$AP Rocky and his crew appear to have had enough.

Following the beatdown, A$AP Rocky and his crew left, only to be arrested a few days later.

Since then, A$AP Rocky the Swedish Prosecution Authority stated that is also opened a “preliminary investigation in the case concerning the aggrieved party (the victim) who is suspected of molestation and assault.”

As of Friday, despite being in jail for more than two weeks without being formally charged, the Stockholm District Court granted the prosecutor more time to continue the preliminary investigation.

“The Court decided that the artist will remain in custody until 25 July, because of the flight risk. This gives us time to complete the investigation,” stated Daniel Suneson of the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

Since his arrest, fellow rappers and celebrities have called for his release, including the likes of Rod Stewart.

Then, Kanye West—who reportedly has direct line to the President—and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, appealed directly for Trump to intervene–which the President tried to do.

An online petition demanding “that Rocky be released from Swedish officials immediately” has garnered over 620,000 as of Sunday morning.


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