BANNED! Macy’s Bows To The Gods Of Political Correctness Who Deem Dinner Plates ‘Offensive’

Apparently, all it took is a single tweet from an obscure podcast host and, faster than Thanos could snap his fingers to erase half the universe’s population, Macy’s banned plates the podcast princess deemed ‘offensive.’

Perhaps if it were the only plate offered in the entire store, a consumer might have reason to complain.

But, it’s not.

There are plenty of other plates in the marketplace to buy or break.

Evidently though, thanks to a twit…twitter user named Alie Ward—who apparently has a “comedyish science” podcast, Macy’s decided to ban a certain plate design from all its stores “in all 50 states” because Ms. Ward finds said plate design ‘offensive’ due to it jokingly comparing food-serving sizes to pant sizes.

[Something to do with ‘fat-shaming‘ or some other PC blather.]

To make matters worse, however, Macy’s was bullied into banning the aforementioned plate design from stores in ALL 50 states simply based on Ward’s single tweet.

And, just like that, the plates were gone.

Macy’s pulled the plates from ALL of its stores, just like the podcast princess wanted.

However, like most petty dictators who are drunk on the blood of their victims, Alie was not yet satisfied with her conquest.

Instead of merely having them banned from Macy’s stores in all 50 states, Ms. Ward demanded the plate design be erased from existence.

Not everyone was pleased with the plate’s demise, as Ms. Ward was taken to task on Twitter…

What’s next?

Banning manhole covers?

Oh. Wait…

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