WATCH: Kamala Harris Calls President Trump Helping A$AP Rocky A ‘Misuse of Power’

Speaking at the NAACP Convention’s presidential candidate forum, when asked about President Trump trying to help A$AP Rocky, Kamala Harris seemed to want to avoid answering—before she was pressed to call it an ‘misuse of power.’

While speaking at the NAACP Convention’s presidential candidate forum on Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris was asked by moderator April Ryan, “As president, how would you handle the A$AP Rocky case in Sweden?”

“How will you use your power to make sure misuse of power doesn’t happen in cases like this,” Ryan continued, “and that this case would stay in the State Department and not go to the White House?”

WATCH how Harris does her best to avoid answering the question:

No matter what he does—even if it’s the right thing to do—the Left cannot give him credit.


H/T: Free Beacon


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