Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” Pilots Have Been Subpoenaed—Here’s Why That Matters

The pilots of convicted sex-offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein have been subpoenaed, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here’s why that should have some people worried.

“Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime personal pilots,” reported the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Here’s why that matters:

For years, Jeffrey Epstein has owned a Boeing 727 (not a small plane) for his personal use.

The plane has become known as the “Lolita Express” because Epstein “allegedly used the plane to shuttle underage girls between New York and Palm Beach, and an employee would be onboard to ‘ensure that minor victims were available for encounters upon his arrival.'”

“It couldn’t be determined what information the subpoenas sought,” the Journal reported, “how many pilots were subpoenaed or whether the pilots have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.”

Then, there’s this quote:

Testimony from the pilots could be used by federal investigators in their efforts to corroborate accounts from Mr. Epstein’s accusers. They could also provide detail on Mr. Epstein’s travels and his associates. Some of the pilots were responsible for keeping flight logs of passengers who flew on Mr. Epstein’s private jet, according to court filings. [Emphasis added.]

Reportedly, there’s been a number of notable “associates”—including one former president—who have travelled on the Lolita Express.

Let’s just hope the subpoenaed pilots don’t have an “accident” before they get the opportunity to testify.

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