And The Darwin Award Goes To…Chicago! A Drive-By Shooter Killed His Own Driver

It’s really hard to feel bad for the victim or his shooter.

CHICAGO—A shooting that cops describe as a “drive-by gone bad” (as though there a good ones?) resulted in the alleged shooter, Jake Lee, 27, shooting his own driver, Matthew Gibson, in the head.

Lee, who was released on parole in April after serving eight years for a 2011 conviction for aggravated battery with a handgun, was a passenger in Gibson’s car when they were at an intersection on Sunday, June 21st, at 5:40 a.m.

When Gibson pulled up next to a white SUV, Lee, who was the front seat passenger, began firing at the SUV and accidentally shot Gibson in the head.

Gibson, who was shot with Lee’s .40 caliber, able to drive for a couple of miles, according to Yahoo News, was hospitalized, but later pronounced brain dead.

He was, however, kept alive so his organs could be harvested.

Lee now faces murder charges.

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