Limousine Liberal Kamala Harris Lives In A 98.3% Non-Black Neighborhood

Chances are, after this week’s Democrat debates in Detroit, Kamala Harris will be flying home to her $4.8 million house in a neighborhood that is 98.3% non-black.

Senator Kamala Harris lives in a four-bedroom, 3,505-square-foot spread in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Source: Forbes

Out on the campaign trail, Kamala Harris goes to great lengths to appeal to black voters.

However, since Congress is on vacation for the next six weeks after Thursday, following this week’s Democrat debates in Detroit, it is likely that Kamala Harris [D-CA] will be heading back to her $4.8 million home in the exclusive Los Angeles-area neighborhood of Brentwood.

Like so many of the Democrat candidates fighting to prove their “diversity” bona fides to minority voters, Kamala Harris lives in a zip code far removed from most of the minorities she claims she wants to help.

In fact, Harris’ Brentwood neighborhood is more than 80% white…and only 1.7 percent black.

Source: StatisticalAtlas.com

In fairness to Harris, the $4.8 million home was purchased by her wealthy-attorney husband, Douglas Emhoff, two years before they were married.

Nevertheless, Harris and her husband still live in the neighborhood—far away from the diverse population Harris claims she wants to help.

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