SO, THIS HAPPENED: A Vegan Vigil For A Dead Cow Was Interrupted By A Man Eating A Hamburger

A group of vegans holding a vigil for an escaped cow who was killed saw red as a man stopped by eating a burger.

Earlier this month, a calf got loose from a halal butcher shop in Connecticut and ran through a Home Depot parking lot before being chased down by a police officer and three butcher shop employees.

Once caught, one of the employees slit the calf’s throat and took the carcass back to the shop to be butchered, reported the Hartford Courant.

That prompted an outcry from area animal rights and vegan groups who organized a vigil on Sunday morning for the slain calf they named “Courage.”

Then this happened:

The vigil hit a slight bump when a man, who had appeared to be one of the vigil-goers, took to his megaphone to mock the death of the calf. The man pulled out a hamburger and ate it in front of the group, but he was quickly blocked from view by organizers and the circle of people shifted to exclude him.

The gathered activists then held hands through a song before gently laying flowers in a pile on the grass.

Following the vigil, the groups proceeded to protest outside the butcher shop.

Police, the Courant reports, have cited Badr Musaed, the 39-year-old Windsor man who killed the cow, for creating a public disturbance.


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