PATHETIC Lena Dunham Is Being Accused Of Sexual Assaulting Brad Pitt With An Open Mouth Kiss

Is Dunham’s attempt to give megastar Brad Pitt an open-mouth kiss really ‘sexual assault’ or merely a pathetic attempt at grabbing headlines?

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Lena Dunham is no stranger to creating controversies for herself. However, Lena Dunham’s latest self-created controversy seems more pathetic than usual.

Dunham, who has a small role playing a fictionalized version of the Manson Family’s Catherine “Gypsy” Share in Quentin Tarantino’s tribute to 1969 Hollywood ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood‘—has found herself in hot water for allegedly attempting to plant an “open mouth kiss” on megastar Brad Pitt during the film’s premiere.

Here is where things went all wrong for Lena Dunham—or, rather, Brad Pitt—and the internet took notice…

While Twitter goes crazy over the kiss miss, there is no mention of it on Dunham’s accounts (yet).

Dunham’s most recent Instagram post is of her in her premiere outfit.

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