By Blaming Trump for El Paso, The Left Is Really Coming After YOU For 2020

There is a bigger agenda than gun control to the Left’s blaming President Trump for the El Paso mass shooting over the weekend. He is not the target, YOU are.

To use the Left’s logic following the horrifying events in El Paso on Saturday…

However ridiculous those claims might be, they are exactly what the Left is doing right now by blaming President Trump for the shootings in El Paso.

But…Trump’s “hateful rhetoric(!)”, the Left cries…without examination of its own rhetoric against against the “wealthy,” “corporate greed,” “ICE,” or any of its other targets.

When, on July 14, a rifle-armed 69-year-old Communist member of Antifa was fatally shot by the police after throwing incendiary devices at an immigration centre in Tacoma, if the Left were consistent, why was there no media outcry for banning guns, or blaming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the individual’s actions?

By blaming President Trump for the mass shooting in El Paso, though, the Left—which includes the media, as well as Democrat presidential candidates—are assigning blame for the actions of a madman to the President for a simple reason:

By blaming Trump and his rhetoric, the Left can label Trump supporters with the same broad brush.

If you support Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020, the narrative goes, you must support “white nationalism” and the taking of innocent lives.

It had already started before the El Paso shooting.

However, since Saturday, tying Trump supporters to racism has only intensified…and will get worse.

In 2012, the Family Research Council was the target of a domestic terrorist attack by Floyd Lee Corkins II, a gay activist.

After years of thinking it over, Floyd Corkins finally had a plan.

He’d bought a gun and learned how to use it. He’d loaded three magazines. And he had stopped by Chick-fil-A to pick up 15 sandwiches, which he planned to smear in the dying faces of staffers he expected to kill at the Family Research Council in Washington.

Did the gay community get blamed for Corkins’ actions? No.

The Virginia Beach shooter who killed at least 11 people and injured at least six others at a municipal center in May was a Democrat. Should Democrats be blamed?

Yes, the Left’s agenda is gun control—eventually. However, they also know that, in order to get gun control accomplished, they must first defeat Donald Trump.

That is where Trump’s 2020 voters come in.

While most people will understand the Left’s tactics, some on the fence voters won’t. They’ll be cajoled and convinced that, if they vote for Donald Trump in 2020 they too must be racist.

The Left does not need to be honest, accurate, or even score big with its “white nationalist” rhetoric…all it needs is to peel enough voters away from Trump in certain swing states in order to deny him a second term.

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1 thought on “By Blaming Trump for El Paso, The Left Is Really Coming After YOU For 2020

  1. You are correct – however, the same strategy they used in 2016 boomeranged on them as I believe it will this time as well. We were called irredeemable, deplorables and now they want to try on the racist label.

    The only true white supremists here are the democrats – and everyone is beginning to wake up to that – the more they try and demonize Trump and his supporters the angrier and stronger they become. This nation is tired of the same old democrat rhetoric of calling everyone a racist.

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