WATCH: Not Even Cops Are Safe In Baltimore After Fourth Attack On Police Personnel In Four Weeks

On Thursday, an off-duty police sergeant was gunned down in front of his house during a brazen daylight robbery. It was the fourth incident against police personnel in as many weeks.

Incident No. 4

On Thursday afternoon, Sgt. Isaac Carrington, a 22-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, was beaten and gunned down in front of his own house in Northeast Baltimore as he was talking to his neighbor.

Carrington, 43, was off duty and investigators believe that the motive was a “drive-by” robbery.

“The cop was outside, two other people came up to him,” a witness told the Union-Bulletin.

The two males scuffled with the officer and got him onto the ground, she said.

“They was kicking him and they started shooting him,” the witness said.

Although police took two individuals into custody Friday morning, they would not confirm yet if the individuals were involved in the shooting.

Carrington is currently on life support and has had two surgeries as of Friday morning.

Carrington’s shooting is the fourth incident in as many weeks where Baltimore police personnel have been either shot, robbed or attacked.

Incident No. 3

In late July, a police department employee was brutally beaten by a gang of youth.

The suspects took the victim’s keys and his vehicle and fled.

Although all three suspects have since been arrested, the savage incident was captured on video.

Incident No. 2

On July 19th, the deputy commissioner for Baltimore City Police and his wife, were robbed at gunpoint, when a white SUV with four people inside pulled up to them as they were walking.

Incident No. 1

In mid-July, “two people died and a veteran police sergeant was seriously wounded after a man with a gun entered a Baltimore methadone clinic and opened fire,” reported the Washington Post.

Sgt. Bill Shiflett, a 25-year veteran of the force, was dragged from the building to safety by a fellow officer after he was shot, WaPo reported.

In late July, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3—the union that represents Baltimore police officers—tweeted that there had been 80 shootings Baltimore during the month of July, 437 so far 2019, which is 30% higher than in 2018.

In a somewhat-related incident, Rep. Elijah Cummings home in Baltimore was broken into around the same time as President Trump tweeted about Baltimore being a dangerous place.

Despite the criticism he took, it appears Trump is right. Baltimore is a dangerous place—even for cops.


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