CONVENIENT: Jeffrey Epstein Is DEAD. Accused Sex-Trafficker To The Rich & Powerful ‘Hung Himself’

Less than 24 hours after the names and lurid details of some of Epstein’s alleged clientele were released, Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

[See UPDATES at bottom.]

Although he was reportedly on “suicide watch,” convicted pedophile and accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has died from an apparent suicide.

Epstein’s death comes one day after a court released previously-sealed documents that exposed allegations and evidence from one of Epstein’s “sex slaves” Virginia Giuffre, whom Epstein allegedly sent to have sex with several rich and powerful Democrats, as well as England’s Prince Andrew and others.

Among those named were Bill Clinton’s former Energy Secretary and United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson (who later become New Mexico’s Governor), former U.S. Senate Leader George Mitchell, England’s Prince Andrew, and asset manager Glenn Dubin.

Evidence photo of Virginia Giuffre (now Roberts) with Prince Andrew and accused-Epstein madame Ghislaine Maxwell, inside Prince Andrew’s London home. Image Credit: New York Post

The Bureau of Prisons called the death an “apparent suicide,” though one official cautioned that the investigation was in its early stages and no final determination had been made, according to the Washington Post.

Less than two weeks ago, after Epstein was found “injured” in his cell, one of his victim’s lawyers expressed concern that Epstein’s life could be in danger from “powerful people.”

As Friday’s document drop was only the first release, it was expected that there would be more names and evidence expected to drop in the months ahead.

With Epstein now dead, it is unclear whether the public will ever know the extent of his alleged sex-trafficking.

As can be expected, not everyone is buying the “suicide” story.

UPDATE #1: New York Post—Jeffrey Epstein not on suicide watch when he hanged himself

UPDATE #2: WashPost—Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide is unfathomable

UPDATE #3: Epoch—Lawmakers, Pelosi’s Daughter Call for Probe Into Jeffrey Epstein’s Death After Reported Suicide


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