Yes, Illegals DO Take Americans’ Jobs. Here’s The Proof…

For years, illegal immigration defenders in Big Business and Big Labor have claimed that illegals do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. While that may be true to a degree, they also take jobs from Americans as well.

If illegal immigrants are ‘doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do’, as we’re so often told, why is it that a week after ICE swept up hundreds of illegals in raids on chicken plants in Mississippi, job seekers “flocked” to a job fair?

“Days after immigration agents arrested 680 Latino workers in a massive workplace sting at seven Mississippi chicken processing plants, job seekers flocked to an employment fair Monday in hopes of filling some of those now-empty positions,” reported ABC News.

While illegal immigration benefits companies who get cheaper labor and unions who get union dues from illegals, it hurts American workers—and, often, those workers are black Americans who, according to Census Bureau Data, earn $9,000 less per year than non citizens.


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