WATCH: Dayton Mass Killer Was Drugged Up, First Victim Was Sister—A Transgender

A few updates on the Satan worshipping, socialist mass killer in Dayton.

Since the mass killing in Dayton, Ohio, more information has come out about the killer, Connor Betts, who killed nine and injured more than two dozen more before being killed by police 32 seconds into his rampage on August 4th.

The Montgomery County (OH) coroner, Dr. Kent Harshbarger, released his report, which contained a few notable things:

The coroner stated “cocaine, antidepressants and alcohol were found in Betts’ system at the time of the shooting.”

Additionally, “a pipe device and a clear baggie carrying cocaine was found on Betts’ body, reported the Associated Press.

The coroner also stated that, Betts was shot at least 24 times by police—and one of his fatally-wounded victims had also been hit by a round from police gunfire.

In addition, while this was reported previously, the killer’s first victim was his sister, Meghan—who was also a transgender man who went by the name Jordan Cofer and had tweeted to ‘his’ brother a day before the mass shooting.

“Though Cofer was not widely out to those in his small, conservative Dayton suburb, including his family,” Teen Vogue reported, “he had many friends online and all over the country who knew his real identity.”

Shortly after the mass shooting, David Partridge, who went to the same school as Betts in suburban Dayton stated that Betts had a hit list, and one of his family members appeared on it.

Although it is still unclear whether Betts targeted his sister, according to USA Today, “evidence gathered from cellphone communications between Betts, his sister and the friend who accompanied them to the Oregon District indicated Betts knew where they were six minutes before he began shooting.”

“Their location, a taco stand near the bar Blind Bob’s, was the first to be fired upon early Sunday morning,” USA Today reported.


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