DEMOCRATS’ DOUBLE STANDARDS: ‘Coon Flakes’ Isn’t Racist If It’s Aimed At A Black Republican

Racial insults are being hurtled at Daniel Cameron, despite the fact he’s black. Why? Because he’s running for Attorney General…as a Republican.

Daniel Jay Cameron is an attorney running for Kentucky Attorney General.

However, because he’s black—and a Republican who has been endorsed by President Trump—Democrats are hurtling all kinds of racial insults at him.

“Yesterday, a liberal attorney said I should stop eating ‘coon flakes’ in a @CourierJournal interview,” Cameron tweeted earlier this month.

That attorney, Dawn Elliott, is also a Kentucky radio host. She later doubled down on her racial attack on Cameron.

“Daniel is slapping all the black ancestors in the face. All their hard work, struggles and even death means nothing to him,” Elliott stated, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

“I’m a proud lifelong Republican, part of a diverse Kentucky Republican Party ticket, and yes I support President Donald Trump,” Cameron told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I have unfortunately been called much worse as a black Republican and it is enough. I support life, secure borders, and am proud of my faith. It is time for liberals to stop telling black Americans what we are allowed to believe and what party we are allowed to support.”

So far, the only political person of color who has come to Cameron’s defense has been a Sen. Tim Scott [R-SC].

On Tuesday, Sen. Tim Scott [R-SC] raised the issue again that there has been no condemnation from the Left over the racist remarks.

For those interested in helping Daniel Cameron’s campaign, they can visit his website here.

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