COMING SOON? Paid Menstrual Leave For Women As A Workplace Right

As progressives push an ever-increasing number of ‘workplace rights,’ some see “period pay” as a step too far.

“A growing number of countries and companies around the world are adopting menstrual leave as a workplace right, reports Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, “but feminists are divided as to whether it promotes or undermines gender equality.”

While the push for “period pay” seems to be mostly outside the U.S. for now, the topic was raised on Twitter this week and has, interestingly, garnered a lot of ridicule—mostly from women (and a few men).

According to a Dutch research study published in BMJ Open in June, researchers found that nearly 14% of all women reported absenteeism during their menstrual periods with 3.4% reporting absenteeism every or almost every menstrual cycle.

While the 3.4% is a significant amount, it is a far cry from offering the equivalent of 12 weeks of paid time off to approximately 50% of the population, in addition to all of the other paid benefits like parental leave, sick days and vacation time.

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