WATCH: Soon, Everyone Can Have Their Own Iron Man Suit [Well, Maybe Not Everyone…]

If you can afford it (and can handle it), Gravity Industries’ jet packs are going for a mere $440,000.

For eons, humans have had the desire to soar like eagles.

Even though the challenge of flight was conquered at the beginning of the last century near a beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the quest to fly like a superhero has been, to most, dreams that relegated to kids’ imaginations, as well as that of comic book artists, and science fiction writers.

Now, it seems that dream is closer to becoming reality with Gravity Industries‘ jet suits.

Although he is not as wealthy, former Royal Marine-turned-inventor Richard Browning is a real-life Tony Stark of sorts.

Based on the Iron Man concept, Browning began building jet suits two years ago, starting Gravity Industries in 2017, and has modifying his jet suits ever since.

Here is what it looks like today.

Similar to the flight-suit prototypes in the first Iron Man—except, for now, without the armor and advanced weaponry—Browning has been continually improving on his invention.

Gravity Industries’ jet suit consists of five turbines that run off of jet or diesel fuel and puts out 1050 bhp.

Although the current top speed (for now) is 32mph, they can take a pilot up as high as 12,000 ft.


Flying around like Iron Man may not be for everyone though.

First, one must be in shape. The 40-year old Browning, for example, is a triathlete and works to keep his body in shape for flying.

Second, buying one of Browning’s jet suits will set you back around $440,000.

However, if you’ve got the cash, the physique and a pair of iron balls barbells, this jet suit might just be for you.

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  1. INtersting you have a jet pack for sale at $440,000 and a space flight being advertised at $250,000 – one you can fly for a short time and reuse – the other you get a one time ride of your life – which would you choose?

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