Colorado’s Prairie Dogs Are Carrying The Bubonic Plague And Phish Fans Are Not Happy Campers

An outbreak of Bubonic Plague is inconveniencing Phish concert goers because…well…It’s The Plague!

The flea-born Bubonic Plague has killed tens of millions of people over the centuries. And, Bubonic plague-infected fleas have been infecting Colorado’s prairie-dog population.

As a result, hanging out in areas where the plague-infected prairie dogs call their homes can likely be a bad thing.

However, that doesn’t make it easier for Phish concert festival goers in Colorado as their plans to camp overnight during a three-day festival have been squelched.

“Thousands of concert goers are livid and demanding answers about the status of an upcoming three-day Phish festival at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park,” reports the Index Journal.

“Numerous sites with plague-infected fleas affecting local prairie dog colonies will remain closed through Labor Day Weekend so that authorities can continue to treat the prairie dogs’ holes with insecticide to kill any remaining fleas that could transmit the disease to prairie dogs, people, and pets,” stated Colorado’s Commerce City.

While the concerts will go on without the campaign, “all camping tickets and RV tickets (and associated service charges) will be automatically refunded within the next few days,” according to Phish’s website.

Nor will there be any vendors “as the area traditionally set aside for vending is no longer useable,” the band’s site announced.

While some fans are livid, others don’t seem too concerned at all.

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