Dear Democrats: The Aliens Have Called And They Want Marianne Williamson Back

From her pledge to defeat Donald Trump’s re-election by harnessing love and her promise to create a ‘Department of Peace,’ Marianne Williamson has provided entertainment to an otherwise boringly predictable field of Democrat candidates.

From the moment author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson told the nation that she planned to defeat Donald Trump by harnessing ‘love’ during the first Democratic primary debate, her bizarre ideas have remained consistently…well…bizarre.

Like most of her neo-Marxist rivals on the debate stage, Ms. Williamson toes the party line on such issues as nationalized health care, abortion on demand, open borders, student loan amnesty and free college, reparations for slavery, as well as the rest of the socialist menu of policies.

However, Ms. Williamson goes just a little bit closer to the edge of the crazy cliff with a couple of her proposals.

Take, for example, Ms. Williamson’s latest policy initiative: Creating a Department of Peace.

As a cabinet-level department, Williamson’s Department of Peace will “dramatically ramp up the use of proven powers of peace-building, including dialogue, mediation, conflict resolution, economic and social development, restorative justice, public health approaches to violence prevention, trauma-informed systems of care, social and emotional learning in schools, and many others,” according Williamson’s campaign website.

“I believe our country’s way of dealing with security issues is increasingly obsolete. We have the finest military force in the world, however, we can no longer rely on force alone to rid ourselves of international enemies,” Williamson states. “The planet has become too small for that, and in so doing, we overburden our military by asking them to compensate for the other work that we choose not to do.”

Despite her campaign’s “zombie” status—those campaigns which are dead (don’t stand a chance), but the candidates have not dropped out yet—Williamson may still qualify for the Democrats’ third debate in September.

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