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I Just Ordered ‘Monopoly: Socialism–Winning Is For Capitalists’ Because Liberals Hate It [Duh.]

If, for no other reason than to piss off any liberals who happen to be in my home (which is rare), I just ordered this “mean-spirited” game.

Full disclosure, my kids are much better at Monopoly—well, all board games, really—than am I.

However, when I saw that there is a parody of Hasbro’s Monopoly board game called Monopoly: Socialism–Winning is for Capitalists, I had to order it.

Unfortunately, unlike others who have said they found it at their local Target store, I could not find it on Target’s website at all.

As a result, it was ordered (at a premium) via [Naturally.]

Here’s how Fox & Friends described the game:

The satirical twist on the decades-old game replaces Monopoly’s traditional player tokens with a phonograph, a pocket watch and an old fashioned rotary phone. And instead of players collecting $200 when they pass “Go,” the socialism-themed edition instructs players that will receive a $50 “living wage”.

Although it is pretty rare that a bonafide liberal stays at my house—the Gadsden flag flying high out front is usually a good deterrent—if, per chance, one or two liberals do stop by and there’s nothing better to do, why not have a fun time with them by playing a board game?

Heck, if I lose and they win, then I can mock them for being “capitalists” (I win)…and if they lose? Well, I win again and at least they might learn a valuable lesson in economics.

Of course, actual socialists on the internet are not happy at all about the theme of the game.

1.0 out of 5 stars Ugly, unfunny, and based on false stereotypes and misinformation. Snarkily mocks concepts that are actually helpful to society. Supposed to be “funny” I guess? Interesting that the underlying message is that capitalism is great, and yet the manufacturers produced such a shoddy product. — Rhonda B.

Others, though, are finding great humor in the idea of the game:

1 thought on “I Just Ordered ‘Monopoly: Socialism–Winning Is For Capitalists’ Because Liberals Hate It [Duh.]

  1. This just might make the perfect Christmas gift to Progressives on your list!

    Since they are opposed to faith / Christmas anyway, one could get double-chuckles from gifting them one of the these for Christmas.

    Now, if I can just find some perfect cards to accompany the gift(s). 🙂

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