WATCH: Teaching Students The Difference Between Democracy (Socialism) And American Republicanism

In many schools today, students do not learn the different forms of government and why America was founded as a Republic—not a Monarchy or Democracy. This video is a good place to start restoring that knowledge.

Here’s the background: Like many parents concerned about what is being taught in schools today, as well as what is not being taught in schools regarding America’s founding principles, I struggle with how to best change things.

Today, all across the United States, our Founding Fathers are being maligned by design.

The reason is simple: If an individual’s character can be maligned, then the products of that character is also suspect.

In the Founding Fathers’ case, their products are the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

As a result, the principles on which our nation was founded on —Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—and the form of government that was devised to best ensure that those values could become a reality are being pushed aside and replaced.

We see it all around us today.

Realizing that ‘it starts at home’ in most cases, how do parents and discerning teachers who are working full-time to ‘Build the American Dream’ help their kids instill the values that made America so great?

Recently, one of my kids was recently asked to watch this video for extra credit.

When I watched it, I realized this 15-minute video is so to the point that, if more parents and discerning teachers educated their students with it, we might begin to reverse some of the neglect that has occurred in today’s public schools.

By teaching students and helping them understand the differences of the varying ‘isms’ and, more importantly, why the Founding Fathers developed a ‘Republic’ and, intentionally, not a ‘Democracy,’ they might have a better understanding as to why the United States is still the greatest country on earth and such a magnet for people all over the world.


If you agree that this is a good video for students to learn from, please share it with your fellow Americans—from students to parents and discerning teachers. It’s time we start teaching America to Americans again.

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