Pennsylvania State Treasurer: Government Can Do A Better Job Managing People’s Money Than The People

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

When the official twitter account for a state treasurer’s office states that the government can do a better job spending people’s money and running their lives than they can, citizens are in trouble.

Yet, that is what the official twitter account for the Pennsylvania State Treasurer, Democrat Joe Torsella, tweeted on Friday in response to a tweet by country music legend Charlie Daniels.

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella. Image via Twitter.

On Friday, Daniels tweeted:

Socialism comes down to whether you think the government does a better job of spending your money and running your life than you do.

In response to Daniels’ tweet, the PA Treasurer account tweeted:

Listen. I’m not endorsing socialism here. All I’m saying is that, just for me, the government could do a way better job of spending my money and running my life than I can.

I’m up tweeting at 3am. I have unfolded clean laundry piled up from 3 weeks ago. Help me, government.

Then, as if the first were not pointed enough, the PA Treasurer reiterated his point by further tweeting:

Government is going to spend my money on teachers’ salaries and fixing roads and things. That’s way better than what I was going to do with it. [Emphasis added.]

Although, it is unclear whether Torsella is managing the twitter account—and tweeting in third person about himself—or some spokesperson is, it is clear that an official government account endorses the concept that the government is handling the people’s money better than those people who make the money…and that should alarm those people.

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