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California is Dying.

Written by an anonymous resident of California.

Okay, let’s get this straight:

  • In California, it’s against the law for a restaurant to offer me a plastic straw but it’s okay for Starbucks to serve drinks in a plastic cup and it’s okay for me to use plastic Keurig coffee pods and buy tons of plastic water bottles.
  • It’s against the law for a grocery store to give me a micro-thin plastic bag for free, but it’s okay for them to sell me a plastic bag for a few pennies that is 20 times as thick.

  • California is going to fine citizens billions a year for not having health insurance and paying for their own medical care, but they are going to provide free health care/insurance for those in the country illegally.
  • In California, we provide driver’s licenses to people in the country illegally, and you can list your sex as “X”, but I have to bring my original birth certificate, social security card, and two utility bills to get my Real CA driver’s license—so I can use it to board a plane since the Federal government no longer recognizes regular California licenses.
  • It’s okay for a homeless person to build a house next to the river out of plywood and tarps on property they don’t own, but I have to pull a permit and pay fees to have an inspection if I do something as simple as replacing a window on my own property, and pay to camp in a state park.

  • In San Francisco, they provide free Safe Drug Centers for heroin addicts to shoot up under nurse supervision and provide new needles (also plastic), but it’s going to be against the law for adults to Vape.
  • In San Francisco, it’s okay to crap on the street but it’s against the law to spit.
  • California requires immunizations for its citizens but not for illegal aliens; so a bunch of eradicated illnesses are coming back and they don’t care about those either.

…and it’s only going to get worse.

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