WATCH: Four Decades Later, Jimmy Carter Is Still Wrong

In 1976, then-Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter predicted that the world would run out of oil by 2011. He was wrong.

Before rigor mortis sets in, climate-change alarmists on the Left are still trying to resurrect Jimmy Carter as an icon for the activist role government should play in dictating how people should live.

“If only we’d listened to Jimmy Carter on renewables, consumption, and transportation,” Slate‘s Ellin Stein writes. “Carter was not striking off in a bold new direction with any of these initiatives. He was reflecting the political mainstreaming of a movement.”

Like most doomsday believers, flat earthers and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporters, then-Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter based much of his 1976 campaign on the idea that the world as we know would be ending soon.

In fact, even before he was elected, Carter predicted calamity would befall America if the nation didn’t change its oil-consuming ways.


Fortunately, Jimmy Carter was only a one-term President and, like most of the his climate-change successors’ predictions since then, he was also wrong.


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