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Socialist Bernie Sanders Delivers Ultimate Insult To Fellow Socialist Elizabeth Warren: “She’s a Capitalist.”

How does a socialist insult another socialist who has nearly identical goals? By calling her a ‘Capitalist.’

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders—who has been at home recovering from a heart attack he suffered nearly two weeks ago—is fighting to keep his Democrat primary front-runner status from falling into the hands of rival Elizabeth Warren.

On Sunday, the aging-socialist Sanders went on the air with ABC’s This Week to dispel the notion that Warren is like him.

The exchange about Elizabeth Warren begins around 3:10…


“There are differences between Elizabeth and myself,” Sanders, I-Vt., said in an interview with ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. “Elizabeth, I think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist through her bones. I’m not.”


Sanders pushed back at the idea that he and Warren hold “identical positions,” and added, of the notion that voters would prefer the similarly liberal Warren given she is younger and free of health concerns, that he is the sole candidate willing to take on the nation’s “ruling class.”

“I am, I believe, the only candidate who’s going to say to the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite: Enough, enough with your greed and with your corruption,” Sanders said. “We need real change in this country.”

Would the real socialist please stand up?

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