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Here’s The Real Reason Why Kamala Harris Was Not ‘Black Enough’ For Some Black Voters

Kamala Harris’ dropping out of the Democratic primary has media pundits talking about ‘racism’ as though it was white Democrats who rejected Kamala Harris. The fact is, Kamala Harris was not ‘black enough’ for some black voters.

To hear the media tell it, Kamala Harris ending her quest to become the Democrat Party’s nominee for President was the result of racism and sexism.

“We can note the mistakes of the Kamala Harris campaign while recognizing that the road became tougher for her, throughout the campaign, simply because she inhabits the body and skin that she does,” wrote Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith.

“No other candidate saw herself targeted, at as high a perch, by as many racist and sexist attacks as Harris,” Smith wrote.

What the media (or Smith) is not saying out loud, though, is if Harris was indeed the victim of racism and sexism, since only Democrats decide who their nominee is, that racism and sexism is entirely within the Democrat Party.

What the media is also not talking about, however, is that to many African American voters, Kamala Harris is not ‘black enough.’

“I hate to tell people this but there is empirical evidence of different outcomes for immigrant black people versus native born black folk,” tweeted Tressie McMillan Cottom, a sociology professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, back in January.

“I don’t know who is saying what but it is disingenuous to suggest this isn’t true,” McMillan Cottom stated.

Although the conversation began much earlier with Barack Obama’s candidacy, Obama was able to overcome it. Kamala Harris, apparently, could not.

Among the African American community, though, Harris was doomed almost from the outset.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Given her Jamaican and Indian parents, Harris is not “ADOS” [an American Descendent of Slavery]
  • Harris’ ancestor was (reportedly) a slave owner in Jamaica
  • As a former prosecutor and attorney general of California, Harris was accused of putting a disproportionate number of black men into California’s prisons
  • Lastly, Harris is married to a white guy

As Ricky L. Jones, chair of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville, writes:

While some members of the self-involved black bourgeoisie nauseatingly praised her, younger blacks and black progressives were taking deeper, dispassionate dives into Harris’ real-world record. They didn’t like what they found.

Of particular note is the level criticism that those who identify as ‘ADOS’ heaped upon Harris–even after she dropped out.

Below is just a small sampling of the #ADOS comments on Twitter that indicate Harris had no traction among many in the black community:

“In the end, Kamala Harris left the race largely because she couldn’t secure the critical black support any black presidential candidate must have,” Ricky L. Jones concludes. “Contrary to arguments centering on pragmatism, most black folk didn’t reject her because they thought she couldn’t win. They didn’t support her because they didn’t trust her. And they were wise not to.”


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