Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine Corruption: “Extortion, Bribery & Money Laundering Goes Beyond Biden’s”

President Trump’s personal lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, reveals what many Americans already know: The Democrats’ rush to impeach the President is nothing more than a coverup for their own corruption in the Ukraine.

On Sunday, Rudy Giuliani, who—before becoming New York City mayor and President Donald Trump’s attorney—was a former U.S. attorney who helped put a lot of mobsters in prison, tweeted a series of tweets that, in part, lay the foundation for the charge that the Democrats attempt to impeach President Trump is nothing more than a coverup for the Democrats’ own corruption.

“After hundreds of hours & months of research,” Giuliani tweeted on Sunday, “I have garnered witnesses & documents which reveal the truth behind this impeachment, which includes NO wrongdoing by @realDonaldTrump.”

Guiliani then went on to tweet:

Evidence revealed that corruption in 2016 was so extensive it was POTUS’s DUTY to ask for US-Ukraine investigation.

Impeachment is part of Dem cover-up.

Extortion, bribery & money laundering goes beyond Biden’s.

Also, DNC collusion w/ Ukraine to destroy candidate Trump.

In response to reports that Giuliani briefed President Trump on his visit to the Ukraine, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff went on former Democrat-operative-turned-“journalist” George Stephanopoulos to claim that Giuliani’s visit Ukraine is continuing “misconduct.”

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