HOUSE HYPOCRITES: Several of Democrats’ ‘Impeachment Managers’ Voted AGAINST Ukraine Aid

Several of the House Democrats who are in charge of impeaching President Trump over whether or not he withheld aid from the Ukraine actually voted against giving aid to the Ukraine.

Democrats in the House of Representatives have spent the last several months trying to impeach President Donald Trump for allegedly withholding aid from the Ukraine in exchange for a quid pro quo “political” favor.

Despite the fact that aid was not withheld, several of the Democrats who are tasked with prosecuting the President in the Senate and have maligned Trump for withholding vital aid actually voted against giving aid to the Ukrainians.

This includes Rep. Jerry Nadler [D-NY], who stated earlier this month that “the President broke the law by withholding critical military aid from a vulnerable ally.”

However, when it came time to vote for the “critical military aide” the Ukranians needed, Nadler was MIA and actually voted against the FY2020 NDAA, which included an authorization of $300 million for Ukraine security assistance.

Renews and extends the authorization of $300 million of funding for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, to include lethal defensive items as well as new authorities for coastal defense cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles;

Similarly, Reps. Nadler [D-NY], Lofgren, [D-CA] and Jeffries [D-NY]—who are also House Managers of the Senate impeachment trial—were also MIA for helping the Ukranians by also voted against the FY2019 NDAA, which authorized $250 million for Ukraine security assistance.

For these Democrats to impeach the President for withholding aid from the Ukraine—which was never withheld—while they voted against giving aid to the Ukraine is nothing less than sheer hypocrisy.

Then again, the Democrats have been consistent in ignoring the real quid pro quo.

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