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NANNY STATE: New York Governor Open To Idea Of Helmet Laws…For CARS!

Is there no law or mandate that liberal progressives would not consider?

When it comes to left-leaning politicians running New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo is only slightly less liberal than New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

As such, the two liberals often clash on the specifics of their leftist policies.

Recently, however, as the governor discussed the mayor’s “crackdown” on e-bike-riding delivery workers in New York City, he was asked about mandating helmets for those in automobiles.

It was an idea he did not reject, reports Streetsblog:

Streetsblog asked the governor if he might consider helmet mandates for car drivers, given that vast numbers of car drivers who in fatal crashes die as a result of head trauma, as opposed to bicyclists, who are often killed in ways that would render a helmet useless.

“I’m thinking,” the governor said after a long pause. “I don’t know enough. I’d like to see the data.”

Roughly 650 people were killed inside automobiles last year in New York State, the majority from head trauma, studies show. [Emphasis added.]

While the idea of mandating helmets in cars is—at present—merely an idea, it is an example of how much overreach in people’s lives liberal bureaucrats will go.

This, along with the costs of liberal policies, are some of the reasons why people are leaving New York at a faster rate than nearly any other state in the nation.

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