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ABOVE THE LAW? Democrat Delegate In Virginia Caught Drunk Driving…Police Let Him Go

Politicians seem to have a ‘get out of jail free’ card—literally.

Politicians (of both parties) seem to always find a way of exempting themselves from the laws they pass.

Whether it’s in the halls of Congress or in the statehouse, politicians are rarely held to the same standards as ‘we the people.’

Here is just one example.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, after drinking at a party Saturday night, newly-elected Democrat delegate in the Commonwealth of Virginia was pulled over and given a field sobriety test.


In addition to not faring well on the test, Hurst blew a 0.85% in a breathalyzer test, which is over the legal limit.

Hurst admitted to to drinking champagne and told officers he had taken Adderall earlier in the day.

Despite this, however, the officers let him go with a warning, allowing his girlfriend (who had also been drinking but had passed a sobriety test) to drive them home.

According to NBC News, “many have questioned why the officer let Hurst Go with a warning.”

It has to do with the Field breathalyzer test.

“It’s not admissible in court but it is the base of the officer to charge you with DUI which then requires you to go to the station,” Legal Analyst Steve Benjamin said.

The officer pointed out that Hurst would have been under the legal limit by the time he got to the police station.

There’s also a state law that says legislators can’t be arrested while the General Assembly is in session. Police say that was not the case here.

“I don’t see politicians being given a pass for criminal conduct,” Benjamin said.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday—three business days after his traffic stop—Democrat Hurst apologized to his constituents on Facebook.

“This experience has humbled me in a profound way, particularly hearing from so many who have been personally impacted by losing loved ones to drunk driving,” Hurst wrote. “While I knew the dangers of drinking and driving ahead of time, I displayed poor judgement and made a mistake.”

“I will spend the remainder of my time in office working diligently to advocate for our community and regain any trust that I have lost,” Hurst says.

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