WATCH: Democrats’ Patriarch Chuck Schumer ‘Shushes’ Kamala Harris With A Wave Of His Hand

Apparently, it’s hard to be serious on a topic like impeachment when your cheering balcony keeps giggling.

Source: Daily Mail

On Friday, during a press conference regarding the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer [D-NY] enforced his no-laughing-in-public rule when he was caught ‘shushing’ Sen. Kamala Harris [D-CA] as she joked around with fellow Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-OH].

As a reporter began asking a question to the Democrats, Harris was seen joking with Brown, prompting the minority leader to halt Harris’ laughter with a wave of his hand.

As opposed to the actual press conference, Schumer’s patriarchal wave at Harris, and Harris’ reaction, became the story.


Twitters users were quick to respond to Schumer’s father-like ‘scolding.’

Thus far, the Left seems to be refraining from calling Schumer a misogynist.

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