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IOWA CAUCUS CHAOS: ‘Shadow’ Company Behind DNC’s Faulty App Worked For Clinton & Obama Campaigns

NYT: “Shadow’s involvement was kept a secret by Democratic officials through the caucuses.” [There’s nothing to see here, folks…Move along.]

As of noon Tuesday, Democrats who were hoping that Monday’s Iowa caucuses would shed some light on the viability of specific candidates were still in the dark due to a faulty app the DNC used to tabulate caucus results.

“Glitches with a new mobile app Monday caused confusion, and some caucus organizers were forced to call in results for the state party to record manually, introducing delays and the possibility of human error,” reported the Chicago Tribune. “Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price said the delays were not the result of a hack or intrusion.”

Oddly, the app maker being blamed for the malfunction, Shadow, Inc., has ties to Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, as well as Barack Obama’s Obama for America, according to its website.

“The app used by the Iowa Democratic Party was built by Shadow Inc., a for-profit technology company that is also used by the Nevada Democratic Party, the next state to hold a caucus, as well as by multiple presidential campaigns, reported the New York Times on Tuesday.

And then, there is this curious statement.

“Shadow’s involvement was kept a secret by Democratic officials through the caucuses.” [Emphasis added.]

Given the DNC’s past rigging of the 2016 Democrat party’s primary process, there is (understandably), suspicion being raised.

“Supporters of [Bernie] Sanders began flocking in immediately after caucus locations closed, all with the same complaint,” reported the Washington Examiner, “that precinct leaders and other campaigns were conspiring against their candidate.”

Regardless of the actual results, the irregularity and delay on the tabulations will likely result in at least one of the candidates’ campaigns claiming foul play.

And, given the history of the DNC’s shenanigans, it foul play should not be dismissed out of hand.

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