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KEEP AMERICA GREAT: These Signs Are All Pointing Toward A Trump Victory In 2020

The acquittal is only one part. Jobs data, economic data, and Americans’ outlook on the future are all pointing to a Trump victory.

With the January jobs report showing that U.S. companies added many more positions than expected, Democrats are, according to Axios, saying “that what once seemed unthinkable — Trump’s re-election in November — is now starting to look more likely than ever.”

As companies continue to struggle to find workers, wages rose 3.1% last year, with non-supervisory and production workers’ increases outpacing managerial increases.

Source: Wall Street Journal

“A strong labor market should help propel the broader economy as more Americans have jobs and money to spend,” noted the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

Then, there are these two indicators from Gallup:

On the Gallup numbers, if “Dems nominate Bernie/Warren, Trump will beat them over the head with this because they want to change what is working for most Americans,” correctly notes Josh Jordan.

Although Donald Trump’s re-election is far from certain, and no one knows what the Democrats have up their sleeves next, many in the Democrat party “are now sounding the alarm that denying Trump a second term could be far more difficult than they had calculated,” reported the Washington Post yesterday.

If Trump can stay on message and the economy stays strong, all of the signs point toward Mr. Trump staying in the White House for another four years.

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