Here’s What An $800,000 ‘Fixer Upper’ Looks Like In Oakland, California

Some might call this a ‘handyman’s dream’ while others might just call for a bulldozer.

There is a lot written about the homelessness crisis that plagues California.

However, in most of the conversations about the state’s homeless problem, many overlook the exorbitant price of housing in California.

Here is but one example of how outrageously priced homes are in California.

In the northern California city of Oakland, a 1,435 Sq. Ft home—built on what appears to be a postage stamp-sized piece of property—is currently listed on for $800,000.

The house, according to, was built in 1922 and, judging by the pictures, needs a lot of work.

In fact, the real estate site states explicitly, “FIXER CONTRACTOR NEEDED THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART.”

Now, one could view spending $800K on a home that is likely going to surely need a ton of demolition and rebuilding as an ‘investment.’

However, as Oakland is listed as having one of the highest crime rates in the U.S., is it really that great of an investment?

No wonder so many Californians are either living on the streets, or fleeing the state entirely.

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