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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Talks About His Excitement Of Castro’s Communist Takeover Of Cuba

He may call himself a socialist but he has always had a soft-spot in his heart for Communist dictators.

Having honeymooned in the Soviet Union with his current wife, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders [D-VT] has never been shy about his admiration for Communist dictatorships.

In particular, over the years, Sanders has had particular praise for the late-Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro.


As younger readers may not realize, Castro’s Cuba was infamous for the suppression of its citizens and anyone who disagreed from Castro’s Communist policies, often imprisoning or executing dissenters through firing squads, as Time magazine reported in 1961.

The year 1961 was supposed to be “The Year of Education” in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Last week the slogan was enlarged. It is now also “The Year of the Firing Squad.” The announcement was made by Cuba’s Agrarian Reform Chief Antonio Núñez Jiménez in a speech to a crowd of gun-toting militiamen. Added the Reformer: “We will erect the most formidable execution wall in the history of humanity.”

Despite the clear evidence of human rights violations in Cuba, Bernie Sanders has always admired the Communist dictatorship.

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