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Gallup Poll Find Republicans Happier, Less Angry Than Democrats During Coronavirus Crisis

During the coronavirus crisis, from an emotional perspective, Republicans are generally faring better than Democrats.

As much of the United States is currently unemployed and locked down under various “shelter-in-place” mandates, some people are having a harder time than others coping with the stress and anxiety of the coronavirus crisis.

According to a new Gallup poll, generally speaking, it appears that people who identify as Democrats are more angry and sad than their Republican counterparts.

Political party identification is the most significant factor in people’s reports on the range of emotions they experienced the previous day. In many cases, reports of experiencing certain emotions were highest, or lowest, among Democrats or Republicans compared with any other demographic or attitudinal subgroup Gallup measured.

Gallup found in mid-March that U.S. Democrats were markedly more worried than Republicans that they or someone in their family could be exposed to COVID-19. Currently, Democrats report experiencing worry (70%) at a higher rate than any other subgroup Gallup measures, while Republicans are the least worried of any group (44%).

Similarly, Democrats (28%) are much more likely to say they are angry, while Republicans (18%) are least likely to say this. Republicans are also the least likely to experience sadness (23%), but they are the most likely to experience the positive emotions of happiness (78%) and enjoyment (70%).

While there is no direct explanation why Democrats are less happy than Republicans during the coronavirus crisis, Gallup has found that persons in lower-income households experience higher levels of stress and anxiety.

One explanation might also be the fact that the virus’ toll has been higher in Democrat strongholds like New York and other major metropolitan areas may be another factor.

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