WATCH: Instead Of Sheltering In Place, A Man Smashes Up A Million Dollar Car In Manhattan

So much for social distancing…

On Tuesday morning, a drug-influenced Ben Chen, co-founder of goldRush Rally, decided to engage in a game of bumper cars in his 2005 Gemballa Mirage GT while driving in downtown Manhattan.

As you can see, things didn’t turn out so well for the car—or its driver, Chen, who was later arrested.


Driver of this rare Gemballa Mirage GT continues driving after a crash from r/IdiotsInCars

On Tuesday morning, at around 7:30, Chen “slammed into a parked and unoccupied white van near West 47th Street, but instead of sticking around to exchange information with the owner,” reported the New York Post, “he sputtered off so fast a portion of his hood appears to fly off from the wind, according to cops.”

Chen was charged with reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs and was being held at the Midtown North station house on Tuesday. Cops couldn’t say what drugs he’s suspected of being on.

Chen bought the Gemballa Mirage GT—which is modified Porsche Carrera—in 2014, according to the du Pont Registry.

The car’s owner, before he wrecked it, could boast that its output was between 612 to 670 horsepower.

Source: du Pont Registry

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