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When Businesses Re-Open, It Makes Sense To Keep New York, Other Hotspots Under Quarantine

A travel ban to and from New York (and other hotspots) should not be out of the question—at least until spread of COVID-19 is completely under control.

Right now, the world’s economy is in shambles. Here in the United States, the unemployment rate may soon be higher than during the Great Depression.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States over a month ago, despite a nearly-complete shutting down of the economy, there are clearly more areas with much higher concentrations of the infected and afflicted than other areas of the country.

Now, with some abatement on the horizon, the Trump Administration is considering ways to open some segments of the economy.

The White House is developing plans to get the U.S. economy back in action that depend on testing far more Americans for the coronavirus than has been possible to date, according to people familiar with the matter.

The effort would likely begin in smaller cities and towns in states that haven’t yet been heavily hit by the virus. Cities such as New York, Detroit, New Orleans and other places the president has described as “hot spots” would remain shuttered. [Emphasis added.]

“We’re looking at the concept where we open sections of the country and we’re also looking at the concept where you open up everything,” Bloomberg reports President Trump telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday night.

While opening up “everything” does not seem feasible given the amount of COVID cases in places like New York, New Jersey and other major metropolitan areas, if other lesser-affected areas can re-open it would potentially save many small businesses and jobs.

However, even if some areas do re-open, it would be negligent to allow persons from ‘hotspot’ areas to travel into the open areas, or people from open areas to travel into and out of hotspots. If this were to occur, it would risk re-infected newly open areas.

As a matter of public policy, once lesser-affected areas do begin to re-open, it would be better if the Trump Administration were ensure that interstate travel to and from ‘hotspot’ areas be severely restricted—if not banned outright—for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, it might only be a period of weeks, but it could be longer if need be.

New York is essentially like China’s Wuhan province and a travel ban to and from New York (and other hotspots) should not be out of the question.

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