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BY THE NUMBERS: U.S. Leads The World In COVID Testing, Trails 10 Other Countries In Deaths Per Million

While the coronavirus deaths in the United States are staggering in number, the U.S. is faring better than other countries.

Throughout the world, the onset of COVID-19, or the “coronavirus” has wiped out economies and killed around 200,000 people.

In the United States, during an election year, the mainstream media has been largely focused on how the Trump Administration is handling the crisis—largely focusing on whatever it can to delegitimize the Administration’s efforts by focusing on whatever comment or slip-up the President makes.

Despite the politically-motivated headlines, however, the United States is not doing as badly fighting coronavirus as the media portrays.

In fact, according to data published at, the United States is actually leading the world when it comes to COVID testing:

Moreover, while the United States has had more COVID-related deaths than any other country, is trails ten other countries when it comes to deaths per million citizens.

While every COVID-related death is a tragedy, that the mainstream media has sensationalized and politicized the impact of coronavirus here in the U.S. doesn’t give Americans a full picture of all of the facts.


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