Former ‘Crusader for Women’s Rights’ Lawyer Lisa Bloom Believes Tara Reade, Supports Biden Anyway

Lawyer Lisa Bloom states her willingness to overlook Joe Biden’s sexual assault in order to beat Donald Trump in November.

Famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred‘s daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom, cannot stand President Donald Trump.

In fact, Bloom’s hatred of Trump goes so far that she is willing to overlook the fact that she believes Joe Biden sexually assaulted his former staffer Tara Reade, and still going to support Biden anyway.

Bloom—who describes herself on her Twitter page as a “trial lawyer fighting for victims of discrimination, harassment and abuse”—has been called a “fame whore” by one-time client Kathy Griffin, has represented both accusers and accused alike during her career.

Most notably Bloom, as opposed to fighting for the victims of ex-Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, reportedly investigated Weinstein’s victim-accusers.

This led the Daily Beast to post an article detailing Bloom’s fall as a “crusader for women’s rights.”

“In recent days Bloom, the daughter of feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, has been struggling desperately to salvage her carefully crafted—and now shattered—image as a crusader for women’s rights.”

It looks like Bloom’s fall is now complete.

On Friday, Bloom directed a tweet to Ms. Reade, stating:

“I believe you, Tara Reade. You have people who remember you told them about this decades ago. We know he is “handsy.” You’re not asking for $. You’ve obviously struggled mightily with this. I still have to fight Trump, so I will still support Joe.But I believe you. And I’m sorry” [Emphasis added.]

This is quite an about face from only a year ago, when—as Biden was facing another allegation of inappropriate behavior—Bloom tweeted that people should “stop making excuses and focus instead on candidates who respect women.”

Bloom’s blatant hypocrisy was quickly called out on Twitter.

Following social media and other coverage that called out her hypocrisy, Bloom tried to justify her support for Biden—despite her believing in his guilt—by tweeting on Sunday:

The only alternative is Trump, credibly accused of sexual misconduct by over 20 women and who openly bragged about sexual assault. I represented 4 of them. We’ve only 2 choices. Trump’s ignorance and arrogance has resulted in COVID deaths of tens of thousands. Far worse.

With springtime, despite all of the COVID lockdowns, it is interesting to note how—like flowers—hypocrisy also blooms.

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