Was South Carolina Woman’s Death Actually “Suicide By Alligator?”

An alligator attack killed a woman on Kiawah Island on Friday. However, before she died, the victim exhibited strange behavior and ignored warnings.

On Friday, 57-year-old Cynthia Covert of Johns Island, was killed by an alligator when she was visiting a friend’s house on Kiawah Island.

While the attack is tragic, as more details emerge, they raise questions about whether or not the victim purposely allowed herself to be attacked.

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“A newly released report states that a witness, identified as Covert’s friend, said the victim saw an alligator in the pond behind her house and wanted to get closer,” reports

The witness said as she was cleaning up, she noticed Covert on her back steps, and could see the alligator.

A report states the witness yelled at Covert not to get closer, but the victim continued off the back steps towards where the alligator was located.

According to deputies, the witness kept yelling for Covert to get away, and saw that the victim was about 4 feet from the edge of the water when the alligator came up and attacked Covert.

The witness said while she called 911, her husband grabbed a shovel and went towards the incident location. She said her husband tried hitting the gator as the animal kept dragging the victim into the water.

The witness said Covert never screamed during the incident, and said her husband tried to save the victim, but the gator dragged her under the water.

While the witness’ account of the event seems odd, Fox News adds this little detail:

The woman Covert was staying with said she didn’t seem herself Friday and walked toward the alligator, which lunged and grabbed her in its mouth when she was about 4 feet away, deputies said

While no one may ever know whether the victim intentionally put herself in harm’s way knowing that she would be attacked, it would not be the first time a person took their own life by being eaten by a giant reptile.

In 2014, a 65-year-old woman from Bangkok killed herself when she jumped into a pit of crocodiles at a reptile farm near the capital.

While fatal alligator attacks happen more frequently in Florida, Friday’s incident is only the third fatal alligator attack recorded in South Carolina.

[Emphasis added throughout.]

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