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Over Half of COVID-19 Deaths In U.S. Are In Nursing Homes—Some States Are As High As Three Quarters

As we watch the media constantly tell us about the rising death toll from coronavirus, few media outlets are explaining that, in many states, over half (52.4%) are in nursing homes.

As America continues grappling with the rising death toll of coronavirus, a new study sheds light on the startling percentage of COVID-related deaths that have occurred nursing homes around the nation.

The study was conducted by Phil Kerpen, the president of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, indicates that more than half of all COVID-related deaths in the U.S. have occurred in nursing homes, with some states much higher than other states.

Kerpen, appearing on Fox’s the Ingraham Angle on Tuesday stated that he thinks “we failed the most basic test of our response to this virus, which was how are you going to protect the most vulnerable, the most at risk?”

“We knew that there was a steep age stratification and risk with this virus. We saw it in China, we saw it in Europe, it was very clear that the oldest and the sickest, the frailest were the most at risk for this,” Kerpen noted.

The study, which is available on a google spreadsheet (here) shows wide variances by state in the amount of COVID-related deaths in nursing homes.

Some states, like Nevada, had a lower number (20.2%) of COVID-related deaths.

However, some states like Minnesota (81.6%), New Hampshire (77.1%), and Rhode Island (74.9%) had much higher rates of deaths in nursing homes.

Rather than “locking down healthy people and causing all of this upheaval in the whole society, we really should have focused in on where the problem was in Europe,” Kerpen told host Laura Ingraham.

“We didn’t do that. We did the opposite,” Kerpen added.

Kerpen is critical of certain states—like Pennsylvania, where 68.6% of the COVID-related deaths have occurred in nursing homes—and those governors who have gone overboard in locking down their healthy citizens’ ability to make a living.

As of Wednesday, Pennsylvania reported more than 3,900 coronavirus deaths, according to data compiled by Fox News.

“And yet Governor Wolf is saying, ‘We can’t open the state’ in places, where basically the only deaths, like Beaver County, basically the only outbreak there is in a nursing home and he’s saying the county has to stay on lockdown,” Kerpen pointed out.

Another Twitter user converted Kerpen’s study to a mobile app, which can be downloaded here.

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