Meanwhile, A Jackson Cop Was Placed On Leave After Video Shows Apparent ‘Choking’ Of A Young Man

As America watches the City of Minneapolis burn after three days of arsong, looting, and rioting following the death of George Floyd—an unarmed black man who was placed into a ‘choke hold’ by a white police officer putting his knee on Floyd’s neck—a police officer in Jackson, Mississippi was placed on leave after a video of surfaced of him seemingly ‘choking’ a young man while detaining him.

via the Jackson Free Press:

A Jackson police officer, captured by video Friday pinning a young man by the neck backward to the top of a car, is on administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs investigation. In the video that started circulating Friday night, the officer is pressing the young man’s neck as he sounds like he is gagging. A young woman wearing a safety mask next to them keeps saying, “he can’t breathe.”

The video showed a woman attempting to push the officer’s hands off the young man, and the officer shouting at her: “Get off me, get off me, I say get off me.”

Then, the woman states to the officer, “he can’t breathe, he is not able to breathe, he is shaking sir, he can’t breathe.”

The officer responded, “Ma’am, do you see my hands? I am not even choking him” as he continued to hold the young man against the vehicle.


Although it does appear from a distance that the police officer is choking the young man, once the camera moves closer, it looks as though the officer actually has both hands on either side of the young man’s neck with his thumbs under the man’s chin.

Unlike Minneapolis, where it was a white police officer and a black victim, both the officer and young man in Mississippi are black.

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