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EXPOSED: Black Lives Matters Does Not Want Straight Black Men…’Except As Muscle’

“They don’t want the man in the home with the children unless he’s a transexual woman or he’s gay,” says podcaster ‘Tree of Logic.’

Amidst all of the chaos surrounding the Minneapolis death of George Floyd and the subsequents protests and riots throughout America, on her Youtube channel, podcaster ‘Tree of Logic’ devoted over three hours to the groups behind the carnage occurring.

However, in one part of her three-hour show, ‘Tree’ devoted a 15-minute segment to the ‘real goals’ of the leaders of the group Black Lives Matter movement, which is to “promote the black LGBT movement into the Black community…and to remove the Black male completely out of the picture.”

Throughout the segment, ‘Tree’ walks her viewers through the Black Lives Matter website (here) to show viewers what she is speaking about.


[Strong Language Warning]

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