Former Obama Advisor: Joe Biden Did Not Pick Kamala Harris Because Of The ‘Content Of Her Character’

Kamala Harris may not have been Joe Biden’s first choice, but her skin color sealed the deal.

It is widely known that, in national politics, running mates do not have to be friends. In fact, they do not even have to like each other to be part of the same ticket.

However, when it comes to picking a running mate in today’s climate of political pandering within the Democratic Party, apparently, the only thing that matters is a person’s sex and skin color.

That is the summary of how the former-senior advisor to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, explained how Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his vice-presidential running mate.

“The senator from California fulfills Biden’s pledge to name a woman and responds to the expectation that he would pick the first woman of color ever to serve on a national ticket.,” Axelrod, now a CNN senior political commentator wrote earlier this week.

Then-President Barack Obama and Senior Advisor David Axelrod (standing) in the White House in 2010. Source: Wikimedia Commons

In fact, had he not boxed himself into, first, a woman and, secondly, a black woman, Joe Biden might not have picked Kamala Harris at all—especially since she had stabbed him in the back, not once but twice during the Democrats’ presidential primaries.

In fact, according to Axelrod, there was at least one other contender that Biden may have liked more as a running mate than Harris—except she was the wrong skin color.

Others Biden considered may have fit more comfortably into partnership with him.

He reportedly clicked well with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, but she would not have fulfilled the desire of those who prioritized a candidate of color.

“In the end, Biden seriously considered others but returned to Harris as the ‘do no harm’ candidate, unlikely to thrill or outrage many,” writes Axelrod. “She may not seem the most comfortable fit as a governing partner, a quality Biden said he was seeking, but Harris was viewed as the safest pick to win in November.”

As Zero Hedge noted, Biden’s pick of Harris came after “a group of powerful black leaders insisted earlier in the week that the former Vice President will lose the election without a black VP.”

In other words, although Harris may not have been his first pick, she was the safest pick and, just as importantly, unlike Gretchen Whitmer, Kamala Harris is black.

That’s apparently not racist though…it’s just blatant pandering.

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