When a disproportionate amount of a certain subset of people have been treated for mental illness, instead of them trying to drag everyone else into their craziness, perhaps they should evaluate their beliefs.

Source: Zach Goldberg via Twitter

Although it seems that liberals have deemed the term ‘crazy’ as being not really politically correct by today’s standards—they insist the term ‘mental disorder’ is more polite—perhaps the rest of us have wrongly let the liberal lunatics define the terms of engagement.

You see, it is those very same liberal lunatics (especially white, liberal lunatics) who have self-identified as having more crazy in them than the rest of the population.

In a Twitter thread posted earlier this year and editorialized upon more recently at Diogenes Middle Finger, Ph.D. student Zach Goldberg took the overall data from a self-reported poll by Pew Research in March and condensed it to nine useful charts that indicate that liberals—especially white liberals (who self-identify as ‘very liberal’) are “far more likely than all other ideological-racial subgroups to report being diagnosed with a mental health condition.”

While Mr. Goldberg states he “didn’t write this thread to mock white liberals or their apparently disproportionate rates of mental illness,” given all that we’ve seen over the last four years, it is hard not to draw a correlation between their liberal beliefs and their self-identified “mental illness.”

Mr. Goldberg makes a very important here:

To make matters worse, it appears that white, liberal women are even crazier than their white, liberal male counterparts:

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h/t Diogenes Middle Finger

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