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‘Enlightened’ New York Governor Cuomo Explains Why New York City Pretty Much…SUCKS.

Well, duh…

Whether he has known it all along, or is only now coming to grips with reality is anyone’s guess.

However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be telling the world what the world already knows: That is, living in New York City pretty much sucks.

In a video posted Friday, along with citing several of the Big Apple’s other problems, Cuomo explains how the “increase in crime is compounding the problems in New York City.”


Cuomo’s revelation about how high crime in New York City comes only days after, according to the Daily Caller, “a number of Democratic leaders have changed their position on the effectiveness of their own COVID-19 lockdown restrictions since the end of the 2020 elections.”

Sorry, Guv, it’s too little, too late.

According to Reuters, New Yorkers who fled the City last year resulted in an estimated $34 billion in lost income.

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Cuomo and NYC Bill de Blasio, many of those who left will not be coming back.

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